Business Mentor

From selling carrots on the side of the road to hawking trinkets to tourists to running a car rental business, 'business' in Haiti is booming.  The problem is that most do not know how to 'do' business very well.  Foursquare Haiti Business Institute is changing that.  From vocational training to small business classes to corporate management seminars, we are addressing the business needs in Haiti by combining Haitian expertize with international business leaders and businessmen to bring better business practices to the forefront of education and training.  With this we are including a Mentoring Model to match 'experience' with a desire to grow a better business so that 'education' has the best chance to succeed.  Whatever your 'business', whether Welding, or Mechanic, or Car Rental, or successful Retail Carrot Vending, you have something to give.  Help a Haitian with your expertize by becoming a mentor for a year.  Daily prayer for your mentee, a weekly call or email, a monthly skype or phone 'meeting', and an annual or semiannual visit can make a huge difference.  Email us at to find a Haitian ou can help toward a better tomorrow.

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