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Base Camp costsThe stay at Base Camp costs $50 per person per night.  $10 goes to “Hire a Haitian” who you could work alongside while you are in Haiti.  We call this “Plus One”, you’re the “plus one”.   The balance goes to pay for transportation, meals and accommodations while in Haiti.  PLEASE BRING CASH! US checks cannot be processed in Haiti and travelers checks only with great difficulty (Team Leader give payment to Base Camp Coordinator upon arrival).
Available work projects
Please check the "Projects" list in the drop-down menu of our website “” when scheduling your team.  We are asking that teams pick a project that will connect with your congregation and raise funds toward that project.  This will help you connect your church’s call to the Great Commission with your passion for Haiti.  Although there are many more projects, and we welcome your ideas, these are the main focus for your consideration.
Team schedulingIf you want to bring a team, we’re ready! Just schedule through and check out our gmail calendar of scheduled teams. At this time we are asking that you do not bring anyone under the age of 18 without preapproval, until conditions and security permits.  We are continually evaluating the situation to ensure the safety of our teams.
Getting to HaitiRight now there are a limited number of airlines that fly directly into Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  • American Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Delta (limited number of flights)
  • Air France
  • Continental
  • Air Canada
  • Insel Air
  • Florida Coastal Airlines
*When booking airfare please make sure that the entire team will be on the same flight when arriving in and departing from Haiti.  Also, be sure to email a copy of the arrival & departure itinerary to: as soon as the first tickets are purchased.
Recommended VaccinesVaccine requirements are always changing for a current list of recommended vaccines please check out the website for the CDC at:
Medical InformationThere are three hospitals near the base camp in case of an emergency.  Each Team Leader should contact David Wheeler at: to make sure that you team is covered under Foursquare medical insurance.  Also we have a medical form that must be filled out by each member of your team.  Please note that the work teams coming down will be asked to work for hours in the heat and humidity, and some heavy lifting may be required.  All teams will be faced with challenging conditions.
Make sure your team is preparedIf you are an American citizen you need a passport to come to Haiti.  However, visas are not required.  Keep in mind that it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to receive a newly issued passport.  Please make sure to bring a photocopy of your passport and I.D. with you
How to dressIt is HOT and HUMID in Haiti (do not expect to encounter air conditioning anywhere in Haiti).  The months of May/June as well as October/November are considered the “rainy seasons”.  Temperatures do not vary much, 80’s in the winter months and 90’s in the summer, however, when packing please ‘keep in mind that the humidity is fairly intense.  Cool cotton t-shirts & sports shirts are a good idea, long pants may be a good idea when working but remember jeans do not breathe well.  Please make sure all visible body piercing has been removed (ladies earrings are ok) also wear clothes that cover tattoos as much as possible, they will greatly appreciate it.  Churches in Haiti dress conservatively we want to respect that and dress accordingly.  Men should wear collared shirts and slacks, when attending church services, while ladies should wear skirts or dresses.  Also ladies should keep their shoulders covered at all times and shorts are not permitted outside of base camp (capris are ok).
What to Pack (Make sure bags are EASILY identified)Resources in Haiti are extremely limited and even some are outlandishly expensive.  Please think ahead and bring everything you will need for your stay. • Hats • Water Bottle • Bug repellant • Twin sheet set • Pillow, Pillowcase, & Towel • Flashlight • Closed toed shoes • Flip flops or house shoes • Your favorite snack (especially power bars for energy) • Personal hygiene items & towel • Work gloves • Sun Block and Bug Repellent • Hand Sanitizer • Toilet Paper • Spending Money $100-$300 for souvenirs and special projects (i.e. orphanages, schools, scholarships, churches)
Base Camp will happily accept anything your team wishes to leave behind and is always in need of the following supplies• Wash cloths (new or gently used) • Tall kitchen trash bags • Large heavy-duty trash bags • Zip-lock bags (gallon & quart) • Power/Granola bars • General office supplies (i.e. printer paper, steno pads, paper clips, staples, printer ink for HP F2480) • Candy for kids • Small give away toys (i.e. Balloons, Matchbox cars, frisbees, hacky sacks, beanie babies, crayons & coloring books) Please email for an updated "needs" list.
Base Camp accommodationsBase Camp is a safe and secure location but please be advised that outside of camp there are situations that could be potentially dangerous, so be sure to always be aware of your surroundings.  The facilities are structurally sound, however, electricity is not always guaranteed. As of now there is no air conditioning, we do have fans when electricity permits.  Sleeping arrangements may be a little tight.  Some may end up sleeping outside in tents, on cots or in bunk beds.  For those with back problems this could be very uncomfortable.  Arrangements are dorm style meaning you will always be sharing space with other people.  Water is extremely precious so plan on short, cold-water showers and water conservation.   Upon your arrival we will have a team orientation where the expectations of Base Camp will be reviewed.
Prayer is CRUCIAL!!!Having a prayer team at home covering you is essential and we cannot stress the importance of this. As a team we are there to encourage one another and lift each other up in prayer.  Begin each and every day in prayer.  The need for prayer is vital.  Each member should remember that a spiritual battle is constantly taking place and they should be encouraged to pray often throughout the day.
Flexibility is requiredIn Haiti things tend to move at their own pace.  Travel times are extremely unpredictable and from the moment you arrive, you will feel hot and dirty.  Please be prepared to have schedules and plans change frequently, we will do our best to ensure that your team is able to accomplish all that they have set out to do.
Culture ShockAs soon as you arrive the begging begins.  Be prepared to be constantly approached by people of all ages asking for money, amongst other things.  They are persistent and will ask over and over again, we ask that you not give anyone money.  If they are someone familiar to the team (from the church or base camp staff) please inform leadership right away so they can address the situation. Although you will meet quite a few people who speak a little bit of English, the national language of Haiti is Creole.  If your team would like to be prepared with the basics there is a program you can download to your computer or smart phone at: The currency of Haiti can be very confusing.  The national currency of Haiti is called Gouds and roughly it is 39 gouds to 1 U.S. dollar.  Most places will take American money but we recommend bringing a few small bills because you can expect to be given change in gouds.  You may also hear people dealing in Haitian dollars, this is not actually printed money but more of a concept.  Haitian dollars is about 8 to 1 U.S. dollar.  You are better off asking to deal in either goud or U.S. dollars. Photography is a very sensitive matter.  We cannot stress enough the fact that you must get permission from anyone that you are attempting to take a picture of.  There may be areas your team travels to where cameras will be off limits altogether.  The nation of Haiti is hurting and we need to remain sensitive to that fact at all times. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Taking time to show that we are interested in their perspectives, hopes and dreams shows that we are working at building relationships. Expect divine appointments. God puts people in your path for a reason, you need to be prepared for ministry at every opportunity. We are not here to fix Haiti, we are here to build relationship.  Our goal is to show our support by working alongside the Haitian people to help them see their vision for a new Haiti come to pass.  We are not here to do FOR them but WITH them.
What to do when you arrive in HaitiIt is a good idea to have at least one or two people that have international phone service upon arriving in Haiti. Before you land, make sure that your team has filled out all of the forms that you received on the plane (often, you must pick up forms as you enter the "Passport Control" line). Once you land you will exit the plane and get on a bus that will take you over to the customs/baggage claim. Be quick to get in a line, your team does not have to be together through passport control. As you go through passport control, you will see the conveyor belt where you will find your luggage.  Luggage usually is only allowed to go around once, from there it is put in a sectioned off area. If you see your bags set off to the side, be assertive and go get them. You may be asked at this point to show your baggage tags, located on the back of your tickets. If you are bringing large amounts of luggage, it may be a good idea to grab a luggage cart ($2). Once you retrieve your luggage you will pass through a customs check where you will hand in your green form (you may receive this on the plane or on the counter when you enter the 'Passport Control' line – make sure the address is on the card [4sq Tabarre 41 #3, Port au Prince, Haiti]).  Proceed out the gate and to the right.  Just say NO to the baggage handlers – difficult as it may be for they are VERY persistent, especially if you are pushing a cart or look lost!!!!  If you need help, say (over & over) “JUST ONE” or “NO!” – any handlers who stick with you to the 2nd gate will expect a $5 tip and they can/will be very difficult.  Look for a Haiti Base Camp staff member (generally to the left) who will be holding a sign that has a 4 in a square on it.  Welcome to Haiti!

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