Feed The Hungry – $8000 for 270,000 meals. Every gift helps!

The children of Haiti are hungry! Everywhere you hear them asking for help, the same gesture of rubbing their tummy and saying "grangou" (I'm hungry).  As the population explosion continues, the reality of hunger and malnutrition becomes an increasing threat to these innocent children.  YOU can help.  "Food for Starving Children" has developed a nutritious, rice-based food called Manna Packs that are becoming the staple to insure a healthy diet for a hope-filled future.  The food is free!  The cost is in shipping and getting it into the hands of schools and orphanages across the province.  For just 3 cents a meal, a child can go to bed on a full stomach.  A container of 275,000 meals costs $8,000 for shipping and handling. Together, we can feed them.

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