Self Sufficiency Projects

Poultry Farms: With over 1 million eggs per day being imported from Dominican Republic, this is a chance for better food and an economic solution to the massive problem of unemployment - eggs & chicken on the table and for the market as well.

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Tipalia Farms:Fresh fish provides an alternative source of protein for children and a great way to make extra income for the family. Tilapia Farming has become the #1 Self-Sufficiency Project in the world and it's now playing a major role in restoring nutrition & economic stability to Haiti. Donate Now
Hydroponics: "Back to the Future" - Haiti's history of slavery & oppression through agriculture has left a nation with no desire to 'work the land' and a new generation who look down on the 'lowly position of farmers'. The new technology of Hydroponics carries a significant 'techie' appeal to the new generation and a new desire to take agriculture to new dimensions in Haiti. Better produce for the table and the market. Donate Now
Bakery: Bread, the staff of life for every developing nation, is a significant part of Haiti's diet. "Make it more affordable and more available" is their challenge, and together we can do that! Help start a Foursquare Haiti National Bakery with branches throughout the nation. Jesus fed the 5000 with bread, and together we can feed the 8 million a piece of bread in His Name.  
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Haitian Pigs Coming Soon!  
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