Build Orphanages

We have building projects around the province, but with all of our Foursquare churches growing at a tremendous rate and starting new churches, the need for new facilities is great.  We currently have projects under construction in Tabarre (Port au Prince), Torcel, Jeremie, and Les Cayes with immediate needs in Las Cahobas, Anse Rouge, and Anse a Veau.  Church plants in Les Cayes and Jeremie are beginning to plan for facilities and several others need temporary structures.  God is pouring out His Spirit throughout Haiti and He is "building His Church".  Our part is to work with local churches to facilitate that growth.   "Tabarre (National Church)"      "Torcel"     "Jeremie 1& 2"     "Les Cayes 1 & 2"     "Las Cahobas"     "Anse Rouge"     "Anse a Veau"

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