Our Story

The history of the Foursquare Church in Haiti is long and fruitful, and the heroic efforts of our Foursquare Missionaries set a foundation that has secured ‘a future and a hope’ for the thousands of Haitian families that call themselves ‘Foursquare’.  The earthquake of 2010 changed the course of history for this nation and for the national Foursquare Church of Haiti.  Pastor Guy Thomas and the national leadership asked for help when the disaster rocked their world, and the response was huge.  Churches from around the world responded with people and resources to care for the wounded families and to set in motion a process of Rebuilding Lives & Restoring Hope.  The work continues, much like the Book of Acts, as every Team Member/Missionary comes to minister what God has given them to see a nation transformed “By the Power of the Spirit & the Energy of the Church”.  Keep reading.  Better yet, join the story!

Foursquare Haiti.   In a world of complexity & confusion, our focus is simple:

ADVANCING THE KINGDOM: The first priority of the Church is the Great Commission
•    Making Disciples
•    Starting and Strengthening Churches

EDUCATION: “It is through knowing that we become . . .” “Teaching makes ‘doing’ more effective”

•    “Raising the Standard of Education in Haiti”
•    Better Curriculum
•    More Schools
•    Foursquare Haiti Institute (distance Learning Centers)
•    Ministry Institute
•    Training Pastors & Church Workers
•    Business Institute
•    Vocational Training
•    Business & Professional Training
•    LifeSkills Institute
•    Basic skills of life – family health & medicine, parenting & marriage,  literacy,
•    Self-Sufficiency Projects – Poultry Farms, Tilapia Farms, Hydroponics, & Bakeries

RELIEF: Meeting the Immediate and Essential needs of the Poor or Victims of Disaster
•    Providing immediate relief with:
•    Food
•    Water
•    Shelter
•    Jobs
•    Medical Aid
•    Mobilizing the Foursquare Church to respond with the love of Christ

COMPASSION: Bringing Hope to Broken Lives
•    Providing jobs & Self-Sufficiency Projects
•    Setting up points of distribution where we can best serve the needs in the community
•    Serving orphans, the elderly, and the vulnerable
•    Deploying medical, construction, ministry, and service teams to serve & ‘shine’ in the darkness of brokenness

Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope

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